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You Need to See Your Doctor? We'll Get You There!

As a Medicaid member, you are entitled to the benefit of FREE transportation services to and from any of your medical appointments or related destinations!


City Cab is proud to provide this service to folks like you all around Pueblo. We have over 40 years of experience. Your driver will always accommodate your medical needs, and ensure your ride is quick and comfortable.

Get to and from the pharmacy with ease

Getting your prescription should never wait. That's why City Cab operates 24/7 to provide you with convenient, fast non-emergency Medicaid transport! Now you can get your script any day, night, or weekend. The pharmacy is only covered under the Non-Medical transportation.

As a Medicaid patient, you're always in safe hands with our drivers. Every driver is free of felonies; they are fingerprinted and registered with the city of Pueblo and the state of Colorado.

We work around your appointment!

Book your Medicaid transport online, or contact us at 719-543-2525! Simply tell us what time your appointment is, and we'll drop you off. We'll wait until you're finished, and then we'll take you home!


In order to get approved for the Medicaid transportation they have to call Department of Social Services at 719-583-6974

Call now to book your non-emergency Medicaid transport with City Cab! You cannot book your cab online.

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