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Do You Have Medicaid? Get FREE Taxi Service Around Town!

You heard right: Our taxi service is FREE. It is not just to medical facilities! As an HCBS transport member, City Cab can provide you with taxi service to the grocery store, the park, to family and friends, and wherever else you want to go!


Neither should you be stuck waiting for others to give you a ride nor should you be forced to sit at home all day. Give us a call, and get out and about.

We'll drop you off and pick you up

Choose City Cab. This way, you won't be stuck trying to work around someone else's schedule. Simply tell us when you'd like to be dropped off and picked up, and then enjoy your day as you see fit!

The pharmacy is only covered under the Non-Medical transportation, and also all medical and non-medical trips have to be booked on the phone.  You cannot book your trip online.

Need special assistance?

Your health and well-being is important to us, as is your transportation. If you need special accommodations for Medicaid transport, simply let us know! We'll help you enjoy a comfortable ride.


If you require we can take you to the airport. By law, we can't pick you up if you're not in Pueblo County. So we can drive you to DenverSprings Airport but can't pick you up from there.


However, feel free to give us a call if you need a pickup from the Pueblo Airport.

Convenient Medicaid transportation is available to you for FREE, 24/7!

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